07 July 2020 Kunststof

By investing in an ultra-modern 3D optical measuring machine, Betech Injection Moulding further improved its quality. Both the optimization and validation during the release process as in regular production, this solution offers enormous opportunities.

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05 June 2020 Kunststof

Because of the possibility to do 5-axel simultaneous milling, multiple axis can be moved at the same time which leads to the creating of complex shapes. Moreover, 5-axis simultaneous milling reduces the cycle time and the amount of fixtures needed to produce a part. Given the fact that there is a expanding ask of plastic parts with tolerances as high as possible, this is a huge added value to the market.

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25 March 2020 KunststofMetaal

A look behind the scenes at Betech Mass Turning, Betech Plastics and Betech Injection Moulding.

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09 May 2018 Kunststof

Due to the recent investments that Betech Plastics has made in the machine park, not only the capacity has increased enormously, but the possibilities of ‚Äč‚Äčturning and milling have also been expanded.

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20 April 2018 Kunststof

Betech Injection Moulding has been investing heavily in new machines since the 1st January last year. With the regularity of the clock, new injection moulding machines have been added to the Steenwijk factory hall. "We are running a continuous helix." says director-shareholder Gijs Jansen.

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