Betech Mass Turning

The strength of Betech Mass Turning is very efficient production of large series of precision turned components. Fully SPC-controlled production in any regular metal, very complex machining to simple components, and everything in large numbers.

Intelligent production

The goal is to deliver a high-quality product as quickly as possible and in the most economical way. Betech’s metal experts advise you from product development to create a perfect product at the lowest possible cost.

24/7 automated & robotized

The innovative production methods mean that the labor added value per product is extremely low and an internationally competitive price level is possible.


Your product is systematically subjected to measurements and checks during the production process. The following quality documentation is provided and Betech operates, if requested, to the IATF 16949 standard. In addition, the entire Betech Group is ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certified.

  • Part Submission Warrant (PWS)
  • Feasibility Study
  • Process Flowdiagram
  • Measurement Reports
  • P-FMEA
  • P-Controle Plan
  • MSA Study
  • C.O.C.
  • IMDS Registration
  • Material Certificate
  • RoHS & Reach Declaration
  • PPAP level 1 to 5
  • 10/2011/EU & FDA Report

The benefits at a glance

Enormous production capacity - 24/7

High-volume, large quantities, mass turned products, that is what Betech Mass Turning stands for. From 2-axis to 16-axis controlled machines, the most efficient machine is used for every order so that your product is competitively produced. The machinery consists of 65 CNC controlled lathes.

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Extreme precision

The state-of-the-art machine park together with the SPC data-driven production results in exceptional precision. Only the most innovative production techniques are used. If the right technology is not available, Betech will gladly invest in a machine for you. Click here for an overview of all services.

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Short delivery time and good delivery reliability

The very diverse and large machinery + 24/7 production offer prompt delivery of your product. Your customer demands more flexibility and shorter delivery times. With regularly repeating orders the following applies: ordered today, delivered tomorrow!

Therefore you choose Betech100% MADE IN HOLLAND

Combine a high-tech machine park with a particularly high degree of automation and Dutch knowledge and the result is an internationally competitive supplier of machined / turned components.

Betech focuses on establishing and maintaining long-term customer relationships and invests in its leading position through strong delivery reliability, innovative production technology and very high precision.

Betech in 2021:
– owned by management
– 3 production locations in the Netherlands
– 100 FTEs
– completely data-driven
– 90,000,000 products per year

Betech productiehal

We're active in the following branches

Automotive & E-mobility

SPC-based production with a delivery reliability of 98,74%.

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Automotive e-mobility Betech Mass Turning

Mechanical Engineering

Betech makes your product even more efficient by sharing our knowledge of machining and cnc turning with you.

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High Tech Industry

Producing for a very demanding industry requires a flexible turning supplier with knowledge of the market, experience in the high-tech sector and a stable production process in µ-range.

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High tech electronica, halfgeleider

Measurement and control

Knowledge of your field of expertise and your product is absolutely a must.

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Precision & Micro Turning

Consistency, precision and control, that’s what we focus on.

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cnc microdraaiwerk, CNC micro turning, Fijnmechanica

Medical Industry

Betech Mass Turning is a supplier of micro cnc turned goods for OEMs active in the medical industry.

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Medisch draaiwerk, microdraaiwerk, cnc turning

Construction industry

Quickly responding to a changing demand without extra costs, we’ve got the answer!

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Do what you say, say what you do! Nowadays it’s not always self-evident, but for Betech Mass Turning it goes without saying.

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Truss Industry

Automatic turning of truss parts has been brought to a higher level! 24/7 ‘lights out’ machining with one goal: quality for low prices in the truss industry.

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Trussen, cnc steel, draaiwerk, turning

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