10 May 2019 Blog

Why the Netherlands is taking a leading position in Europe. Due to globalization, the Western European manufacturing industry has seen firm competition in several low-wage countries for around 20 years. The level of competition has increased significantly and therefor the need for Western Europe to produce smart too. In terms of cooperation, the Netherlands is top of the class!

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Synergie in der verarbeitenden Industrie in den Niederlanden
14 December 2018 Blog

Plastic is available in all shapes and sizes and is suitable as a basic material for fast machines with light products.  Plastics have excellent technical properties, such as chemical resistance, strength and wear resistance. But how is the use of plastics within the food industry?  We will tell you more about that!

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Kunststof bewerken voor de voedingsmiddelenindustrie
15 October 2018 Blog

Blockchain is a term that regularly passes the news. Several agencies carry out research into blockchain and a large number of branches and companies see application possibilities. But what is blockchain actually? How does the concept fit together and what can it mean for the industrial sector? You can read it here!

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29 June 2018 BlogMetaal

Digitization, the transfer of information in paper form to digital form, is evident everywhere. Within the manufacturing industry, digitization mainly relates to product simulations, the link between design and production or the digital management of stock or production.

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14 March 2018 BlogMetaal

Machining in the future: data driven manufacturing. Digitization will play a very important role in the machining process; the programming of machines and robots has already become more user-friendly, but this will be simplified even further by the application of Big Data.

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Betech - data driven manufacturing