Betech Injection Moulding invests in 3D scanner Spuitgietproducten contactloos scannen en meten

By investing in an ultra-modern 3D optical measuring machine, Betech Injection Moulding further improved its quality. Both during the optimization and validation of the release process as in regular production this solution offers enormous opportunities.

Objectively and automated recording of the product form makes it possible to check the products on measurements at any desired moment.


  • Non-contact measurement of complex shapes
  • Measuring accuracy of ± 0,4 tot 5 μm
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Quick and reproducible measurement results
  • Automatic measuring and reports

Energy effective and efficient production processes

In recent months, Betech Injection Moulding has installed a completely new granulate transport system. From the moment the bag with raw material is opened, the transportation from the dryers to the machines takes place fully automated. Even an incorrect coupling between raw material and the machine is recognized by the system.

The dryers are equipped with dew point measurement and software that achieves maximum energy savings during drying and during the regeneration of the absorption material. All injection moulding machines are now equipped with robot product take-out and any direct processing of sprues.