06 February 2024 Blog Metaal

The growing demand for production capacity remains consistently high and continues to increase at highly automated manufacturing companies. As a result, the quality level also continues to grow.

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06 September 2023 Blog Metaal

It is a term that is used more and more these days. This has everything to do with the increasing popularity of nearshoring. More and more organizations decide to use this method within their strategic procurement. But what exactly does nearshoring entail? And what are the benefits that come with it?

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24 November 2022 Kunststof

Betech Kunststoffen has reached the national finals and is one of the best 5 Process & Parts Suppliers in the Netherlands!

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14 October 2021 Blog

As everyone probably knows by now, we are in a difficult market where personnel are almost impossible to find, where materials have extremely long delivery times and where prices have exploded. 

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Champions League Betech
01 April 2021 Kunststof

Plastics are often used to replace conventional materials in existing constructions. The material is lighter in weight, has excellent mechanical properties, is often cheaper and also very durable.

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Materiaalspecifieke toleranties