The strength of Betech Group lies in the production of large series of CNC turned goods and the turning,- milling and molding of plastics.

Annually Betech produces tens of millions of custom made parts in all metals and plastics. To do this Betech operates 24/7 with fully automated and especially intelligent production techniques.

History and development

With a handful of employees CEO Wim van de Beld started an automatic turning company called Betech. More than 25 years later, Betech is one of the Netherlands’ largest suppliers of mass turned goods and the turning, milling and injection moulding of plastics with a total of 3 production locations.

Moreover the capacity of the Betech Group consists of plastic milling, turning and molding companies. This exponential growth is made possible by 24/7 automated production, a very large and wide-ranging machine fleet but above all: smart production with a high level of quality. This is also the reason why Betech is proclaimed development partner Smart Industry of the Chamber of Commerce.

Betech Group:

  • 3 production facilities
  • 100 FTE’s in The Netherlands
  • 90.000.000 parts a year
  • fully owned by management
  • 17,000 m2 of production

By making clear choices and applying them consistently, Betech has managed to conquer a strong position in the market, as well in Holland as far beyond.

Corporate Movie

Development Betech Group



Through continuous investments in knowledge level and innovative production techniques, we aim to be the example for European production companies in the metal and plastic industry. The following competences and objectives play an important role in this:

  • Constant quality through professional process control with extremely high quality standards. A challenging and open working environment in which knowledge growth and personal development are stimulated.
  • Short delivery times due to transparent communication with both customers and suppliers.
  • By 2025, all Betech divisions will have to produce fully automated products 24/7 with a maximum labor added value of 15%.