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Producing plastic parts as efficient and profitable as possible, that is the strength of Betech Plastics. Our challenge is to produce your parts in high quality as soon as possible. Betech Plastics only produces custom made parts and advises you from the engineering to produce your parts as profitable as possible.

Betech is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified and produces according to regulations EU 10/2011, EU 1935/2004 and/or EU 2023/2006 for plastic parts to come into contact with food.

Types of operation

For every order, the most suitable production technology will be used to produce your parts, whether simple or complex, as efficient and profitable as possible. From single piece to large serie production, 24/7 fully automated turning til Ø80 and CNC milling machines with robot loading.

CNC Turning

The CNC turning machines are set to face the expectations of the customer. Due to driven tools, Y-axel and a subspil, Betech can produce your product fully automated.

CNC Milling (3-, 4- and 5-axis)

Betech offers a suitable solution to produce your parts as efficient as possible.

For example, several 3- and 4- and 5-axle plate processing machines are available to produce big parts.

Besides that, Betech has several precise CNC machines for small products. All of the machines are CNC driven and controlled with CAD/CAM software.


Quickly, efficient and perfectly finished PMMA (acrylate) products made out of 10 mm thick sheet material; that’s the capability of our laser. The laser gives the cut product a clear finish which allows the design of the acrylate display, brochure holder or candy container to be without other treatments.


The possibility to saw the materials in house makes a short delivery time realistic. Because of the large stock of materials, Betech is very flexible.

Assembly (welding, glueing, inserts, bearings)

Modular assembly creates flexibility and short time deliveries, a growing trend in which Betech can provide. Aside from supplying separate plastic parts, the assembly of parts to a sub-assembly is a service we offer.

A completely equipped and separate montage department is designed to meet your wishes.

High precision parts

Betech is the right partner to approach when you need high quality parts. Several plastics can be processed very precise, with a low tolerance range.

Our plastic experts are pleased to advise you about which material and design fits your solution best.

3D measurement reports

Your product can be determined to a 3D measurement treatment in our state-of-art measurement room to see if the product fits your needs. Randomly or a full serie. Like you wish.

Production and documentation according to FDA-standards and regulation EU 10/2011

Since a few years, FDA standards and regulation EU 10/2011 and EU 1935/2004 are set for plastic parts intended to come into contact with foods. Examples of rules that are in these regulations are cleaning tools and ‘clean’ machining, without using liquids other than water.

Betech only soures pre-approved materials and is capable to produce according to the regulations for plastic parts intented to come into contact with foods. If asked, we can provide in certificated and documentation about the material and the machining according to the regulations.

Cleanroom packaging

In high tech industry, requests for cleanroom packaged parts are increasing. Betech has accurate knowledge to let your product, small or large, be cleaned and packaged according to cleanroom standards.

Automated production facilities

By investing in production technologies which make it possible to produce parts without an operator on duty, efficiency keeps increasing. Combined with automatic loading of CNC turning machines and robots, your product can be produced 24/7 automated, depending on multiple factors, which results in a considerably competetive price level. Click here for an overview of plastics and the types of operations.

Why BetechCustomization is our standard

With over 25 years of experience in several markets from the food industry to offshore and medical industry to shop interior, Betech is a liable partner which ensures you of high quality.

An advice is never even and for every order, a customized production process is being set up. Because of a high knowledge level of both our experts and CNC operators, your product is being made as efficient as possible.

Betech is continuously searching for new production technologies and keeps investing in knowledge.

Betech anno 2021:
– fully owned by management
– 3 production locations in The Netherlands
– 100 FTE
– 90.000.000 products a year

We're active in the following branches

Mechanical engineering

Producing your product more efficiently with our knowledge of plastic processing.

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Kunststof in de machinebouw

Semiconductor industry

A quickly evolving branch needs a flexible supplier for machined and molded plastics with knowledge of the market.

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Food Industry

Food industry approved plastic parts according to regulations EU 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and FDA-legislation.

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Medical Industry

Betech Plastics is supplier of turned, milled and molded parts for OEMs active in the medical sector.

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Building Industry

Quickly responding to a changing demand without extra costs, we’ve got the answer!

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Shipbuilding & Offshore

Knowledge of your field and your product is in many cases an advantage, especially when it’s a product in a specific environment.

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Do what you say, say what you do! Nowadays it’s not always self-evident, but for Betech Plastics it goes without saying.

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Recreation & Sports

Plastics for recreation, sports and ice skating rinks.

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