Environmentally friendly, sustainability and efficiency are the perfect match at Betech!

The mission of the Betech Group reads: ‘Through continuous investments in innovative production techniques and our level of knowledge, we want to be thé example for European production companies.’


This strategy focusses on the entire process from raw material to finished products instead of solely on production. The reason for this focus is optimized efficiency and sustainability. Using materials, tools, energy, fluids, cleaning materials and other resources in the best way possible, enables Betech to be internationally competitive.


Betech is ISO 14001:2015 certified.

ISO 14001 sets the following requirements for the results of the management system:


  • continuous improvement in performance and protecting the environment
  • management of environmental risks resulting from the activities of the organization
  • meet the applicable legal requirements

This concerns the possibilities of an organization to exert influence on the environment from a “life cycle” perspective. This means that the possible environmental aspects of suppliers and customers also fall within the environmental management system.

Distillation own cleaning fluids

Automated cleaning installations separate all fluids in a completely closed system. After this the fluids are distilled and 100% re-used.

Energy-efficient LED lighting

The production halls have been equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting which significantly increases the light output per kWh.

Only pre-approved material

Betech only uses pre-approved material and complies 100% with the conflict minerals agreement. A 3.1 material certificate can be provided with each delivery.

Filtration of fluids

All applied fluids are filtered after which they’re used again in the production process. Next to a positive effect on the cost price, this filtration results in a lower environmental impact.

No chemical waste

Our cleaning process is a completely closed system which means that no chemicals need to be disposed of. Next to that all air from the machines is cleaned internally.

Recycling of materials

Our chips (waste) are partly remelted into new bar- and tube material, after which Betech machines it a again to produce end products.

Reduction transport volume

All residual metal is internally processed in a swarf treatment plant. The waste material is cleaned and oil and water are separated. Crushing the swarf results in a 50% reduction of waste-transportation.

Separating oil and liquids

Multiple kinds of oils and liquids are used in the production process. Betech separates these after which they are purified to re-use as much as possible.

Solar energy

Betech generates at least 25% of its own energy with solar panels on the production halls.