Betech Kunststoffen has reached the national finals and is one of the best 5 Process & Parts Suppliers in the Netherlands!

Today it will be announced whether Betech can name itself the best supplier in the Netherlands. ‘Who are your real partners?’ That is the theme of Link Magazine’s Dutch Industrial Suppliers & Customer Awards (DISCA) this year.

A distinctive feature of the DISCA is that companies cannot nominate themselves, but are dependent on their customer or supplier for this. Every year Link Magazine makes a tour of a very large number of companies, asking whether they would like to nominate one or more suppliers or customers.

Best Process & Parts Supplier
Betech Plastics  is nominated in the Best Process & Parts Supplier category. The price for the Best Process & Parts Supplier has been set especially for suppliers who, faced with often (extreme) sourcing problems, manage to deliver on time, at the agreed price. They manage to perform, despite the major logistical problems and the sharply increased transport costs. This award is therefore for the supplier that distinguishes itself with both reliable production and distribution of parts, and with having its business processes in excellent order.

Thanks to the relations who nominated us, we are of course very proud to be among the last finalists! More information about the DISCA in this category can be found here.