25 July 2016

The exponential growth of Betech Mass Turning has resulted in the purchase of swarf treatment plant which breaks, crushes, cleans and separates and filters the residue.

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11 July 2016

The rapidly recovering American Industry requires suppliers which most of all produce in a smart manner. Because of our 24/7 automated production, which produces unmanned for 80% of the time, and our high level of knowledge we’re getting more demand from the U.S. for efficient and smartly produced turned goods.

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14 June 2016

The great Betech-team, The Drenthe Runners completed the 25th edition of the Roparun. The 560 km from Hamburg to Rotterdam has been overcome in almost 51 hours (non-stop) with an average speed of 11,08 km/h.

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Roparun Drenthe Runners Betech Group
31 May 2016

The holidays aren't there yet, but it's better to be informed early. We will be closed for holidays on the following dates:

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Zomervakantie sluiting 2016 Betech
01 March 2016

Afgelopen maand is ons machinepark aanzienlijk uitgebreid. Hiermee kunnen wij u nog beter bedienen in uw vraag naar draaiwerk. De vier CNC draaiautomaten zijn bovendien...

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cnc draaiautomaat langdraaien