Dutch Industrial Suppliers & Customers Awards!

Betech has been nominated by her customers for the Dutch Industrial Suppliers & Customers Awards 2016 (DISCA’16) in the category Best Logistics Supplier. Suppliers without an own R&D can be nominated for this award. Logistic suppliers relief their customers of any worries by making sure the requested product is on time, of the right quantity and quality and on target price.

Exceptional award

Extraordinary about this award is that companies don’t have any influence on the nomination except for perfect partner-behavior all year round. If a supplier is proactive to constantly improve their product- and production technology, delivery reliability and lowest possible cost price and cycle time.

Betech best Dutch Industrial Suppliers en Customers Award 2016

Or as a customer who empowers her suppliers to improve their strengths, threats them as equals and share all risks and profits in an honest manner. This behavior results in a place for the first round.

It’s an extraordinary appreciation from Betech’ customers because we’re very focused on flexibility and delivery reliability. In the meantime, Betech has been promoted to the second round, so the next few weeks will show if we will win the award eventually.