Environmental friendly & even more efficient

The exponential growth of Betech Mass Turning has resulted in the purchase of a swarf treatment plant which breaks, crushes, cleans and separates and filters the residue. The chip bins are loaded in the bottom after which the chips are automatically fed in the machine. The rotating movements crush the swarf to extremely small particles. The swarf is directed into a horizontal centrifuge which separates the particles from oil, water and other residue to a max. of 3 µ.

spanen verwerking installatie

Swarf treatment plant

Reducing our ecological footprint

The metal is collected in bins and the material is remelted to new bar- of tube material after which we machine it again to create end products. The oil is automatically separated from the water, then cleaned and re-used in our turning machines.

As a result of this investment Betech’ Environmental Footprint has decreased considerably. Next to this the usage of consumables like oil, water and filter equipment has become more efficient.

Betech Environmental Footprint

Betech’ Ecological Footprint