Together to the finals

Unprecedented situation

As everyone probably knows by now, we are in a difficult market where colleagues are almost impossible to find, where materials have extremely long delivery times and where prices have exploded.

We are currently playing in the Champions League. We play at the highest level and have to disappoint many customers with long delivery times; up to 40 weeks for fairly standard materials. And due to the rise in raw material prices, these products also have higher costs than before. Certain suppliers are at the level that we can only book capacity and no prices are quoted. This is truly unprecedented and never before in our history has this been a reality.

Keep performingChampions League Betech

What we can promise is that our machining prices remain competitive.

Due to our limited added value to the products, the smallest price increases in raw materials will have major consequences in the final prices. However, we must continue to perform, because if we won’t do this, we won’t go on to the finals.

Looking further into the future then ever before

We would therefore like to call on all customers to go through production and long term planning with us. Let’s discuss the needs, the bottlenecks and find solutions together. We want to continue to supply and provide the best service to all our customers, with whom we have been doing business for many years in almost all cases. Although certain assignments are not immediately fixed, we still want to do everything we can to find solutions now, so that we can ensure that your productions/orders run as smoothly as possible, also in 2022.

No improvement on short notice

The point has now come that the government will withdraw all support and everyone will have to manage based solely on own capabilities and strengths. We are ready. Going forward, we believe that this extreme market in terms of availability and prices in the raw materials market will continue for at least another six months.

Together we are strong and we can bring this Champions League to a successful conclusion.