20 April 2018 Kunststof

Betech Injection Moulding has been investing heavily in new machines since the 1st January last year. With the regularity of the clock, new injection moulding machines have been added to the Steenwijk factory hall. "We are running a continuous helix." says director-shareholder Gijs Jansen.

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14 March 2018 BlogMetaal

Machining in the future: data driven manufacturing. Digitization will play a very important role in the machining process; the programming of machines and robots has already become more user-friendly, but this will be simplified even further by the application of Big Data.

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Betech - data driven manufacturing
12 February 2018 Metaal

Betech Mass Turning produces large series of turned goods for Kohlhage Automotive, a German manufacturer of products for especially OEM’s in the automotive industry. The companies met each other during the Match-making programme on the ESEF exhibit in 2016.

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13 November 2017 Metaal

Guido Kobessen (Journalist at the magazine Demand & Supply) writes: ''Betech Mass Turning (Hoogeveen, The Netherlands) is very serious about circular production. '' The business strategy of the Betech Group focusses on the entire process from raw material to finished products instead of solely on production. The reason for this focus is optimized efficiency and sustainability.

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03 October 2017 Blog

Everybody speaks of Industry 4.0, Smart Industry, Internet of Things, but what does it actually mean for us? What effect does it have on sharing information with customers or competitors?

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Betech industry 4.0 - sharing knowledge