Investments ensure modernization

Due to the recent investments that Betech Plastics has made in the machine park, not only the capacity has increased enormously, but the possibilities of ​​turning and milling have also been expanded.

The investments in these CNC machines make it possible for Betech Plastics to look forward to the future!

20% growth for CNC production capacity

Betech Plastics has recently invested heavily in the production capacity. Due to the large demand from the market for  turned and milled plastic parts, an expansion of capacity and possibilities was needed to be able to guarantee flexibility and delivery reliability.

In recent years, Betech Plastics has been modernizing the machine park with various efficient CNC machines that have increased both capacity and possibilities.

By purchasing several new machines, Betech can now look ahead to the future again. The CNC milling machine park has been expanded with a Haas VF2 and a 5-axle Haas UMC750SS with robot, a new Hyundai L250Y has been added to the CNC turning park.

Automation continues to grow

Haas UMC 750SS - Betech Kunststoffen

The investments also increase the possibilities of automation. For example, unmanned turning up to Ø80 is possible in combination with a barfeeder and clamping conveyor and the maximum turning length is increased to 620 mm.

In addition, the 5-axel Haas UMC750SS with robot ensures that unmanned operation can also be carried out at night. For a large number of products this can be an advantage in costs!


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