Semiconductor Industry

A quickly evolving branch needs a flexible supplier for moulded plastics with knowledge of the market. Betech Injection Moulding has been investing exponentially since several years in machinery and the corresponding knowledge of the semi-conductor industry.

Intelligent electronics is a field that has been caught in a high-paced change for a long time, fluctuating with a continuously diverse demand. The products transform to the micro-electronics field, microchips keep getting smaller.

Semi-conductors and accurate plastic injection moulded parts

Many components of the production machines related to semi-conducters are build from high-performance plastics which Betech Injection Moulding can deliver.

Thanks to the versatile machinery of Betech Injection Moulding, 24/7 automated production and a constant product quality, Betech can respond immediately to the fluctuating demands of the market. Betech’s advice realizes the shortest possible time-to-market.

The response time Betech has with regard to our demand is vital to us. Delivering large quantities in a short time is no problem!

SC Connectronics Romania SRL, Oradea

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