Food industry approved plastics

Betech Injection Moulding is specialized in Injection Moulding all technical plastics, for example for the food industry. Many of these plastics are used in equipment where they will be in direct contact with foods and nutrients.

Strict legislation

For all materials that come into direct contact with foods and nutrients, the regulations EU 1935/2004 applies. Specifically for plastics the regulations EU 10/2011 are in effect.

Betech supplies injection moulded parts that comply with regulation EU 10/2011. We can supply you with the corresponding documents that prove compliance to these laws. Furthermore, we can supply FDA-approved plastics. 

Legislation with the application of plastics in the food industry is increasingly strict. Betech Plastics gives well founded advice in the necessary plastics according to the 10/2011/EU and FDA.

Royal Peijnenburg, Geldrop

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