Building Industry

As a supplier of a substantial number of building industry related companies, Betech is fully equipped to reactively supply technical plastic injection moulded parts.

The follow-ups in building industry changes fast. Also the demand for building related products, or its absence, varies rapidly. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to respond easily to the current developments.

No building without a little bit of Betech

Betech supplies components to several producers of construction-related products.

Betech’s order system reduces costs while still preserving very short delivery times.

Theuma Industries B.V., Nijkerk

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    Other branches

    Mechanical engineering

    Producing your product more efficiently with our knowledge of injection moulding.

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    Kunststof in de machinebouw

    Semiconductor industry

    A quickly evolving branch needs a flexible supplier for machined and molded plastics with knowledge of the market.

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    High tech electronica, halfgeleider

    Food Industry

    Food industry approved plastic parts according to regulations EU 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and FDA-legislation.

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