Stable production process

Betech operates through SPC (Statistical Process Control), making our production process fully measurable and controllable from start to finish. Our measuring room can statistically predict how many mistakes will be made and when. By anticipating this, an extremely stable production with continuous quality is created.

What is SPC?

SPC is an English term which translates into Dutch Statistical Process Control. It is a feedback system; on the basis of measurement data from the process, it’s possible to calculate how the process currently work and / or will be in the near future. Based on this performance, we are able to adjust a process in time.

It is important to know the guide value (nominal value) and the tolerance limits. By reading the measured data via multiple formulas, an SPC index follows. This index indicates the spread in the process, but also the position of the process in relation to the tolerance.

Static Process Control normally applies to important and critical values that have a “safety or a fit and function” purpose. For more information click here.