Betech Mass Turning doubles

The Betech Group has grown steadily in recent years due to a significant increase in customers active in the high-tech, building, sustainable energy and automotive industry (e-mobility). In addition, the production has continuously automated even further, which means that more European companies, which previously bought in low-wage countries, find their way to Betech.

In the past three years alone, this resulted at Betech Mass Turning (Hoogeveen) in an expansion of the machinery with 16 CNC turning machines.

10,000 square meters of production space.

New production halls

In 2018, 100% of the available production space will be in use, so Betech has chosen to invest in new production halls. Next September these new halls will be ready for production. The existing buildings and the new buildings then offer sufficient space for a total of 90 CNC turning machines.

Old will be completely new

The current production halls are also being completely renewed:

  • all machines will be placed as efficiently as possible
  • the floors will be coated so work can be executed more hygienically
  • the infrastructure to realize a digital factory is being constructed

In addition, a completely new measuring room and programming room will be built, which will be centrally located in the existing and new halls.

Start of construction: Wim van de Beld (Betech Mass Turning – right), Richard Middeld (Gebr. Middelveld – left) en local government.

New production halls Betech Mass Turning (Hoogeveen).