Summer closure 2016

The holidays aren’t there yet, but it’s better to be informed early.

We will be closed for holidays on the following dates:

Betech Mass Turning (Hoogeveen)  :  8th t/m 12th August
Betech Automatic Turning (Leek)  :  8th t/m 12th August
Betech Plastics (Groningen)  :  1st t/m 19th August
Betech Molding (Steenwijk)  :  1st t/m 19th August
E.N.F.M. (Schiedam)  :  25nd juli t/m 5th August
LD-Tech (Someren-Eind)  :  no closure

If you inform us in time we will do everything we can to make sure there won’t be any problems with the deliveries of your orders.

Betech Plastics

We have had many positive reactions to our slow motions of metal machining. So we’ve also made a slow motion of the machining of plastics. Click here for the movie.

Zomervakantie sluiting 2016 Betech