The Royal Metal Union has declared Betech the winner of the Smart Manufacturing Award for the North of the Netherlands!

The jury, led by Jacco Vonhof, chairman of MKB (SMEs)-Netherlands and entrepreneur, selected the district winners from all entries. These district winners will automatically advance to the national finals.

”Of course we are now going for the national title to win the Award for 2021! – Betech”.

Every year, Royal Metal Union makes a prize available to a member who distinguishes itself positively. This can be done, for example, by making optimal use of modern production techniques, excellent processes, well-chosen materials, well thought-out systems, digitization and a self-managing and self-learning organization.

”MKB (SMEs) Netherlands: The winners are all good examples of SMEs and metals companies who understand that the strength of our manufacturing industry lies in “thinking up” combined with “making”, now and in the future. That is important for a profitable company ”, says Jacco Vonhof.”

Besides jury chairman Jacco Vonhof, chairman MKB (SMEs)-Netherlands and entrepreneur, the jury consists of:

  • Mireille Kaptein, Business woman 2019 and general manager of the family business Kaptein
  • Rolf Elling, editor-in-chief at MYbusinessmedia
  • Alex Ooms, managing director of Award winning company in 2019, Royal Otolift Stairlifts
  • Paul d’Hond, Senior Advisor Product Management Chamber of Commerce