Smart Industry in practice

During the Smart Industry Annual Event 2020 – Northern Region, Betech was named a leader in the field of intelligent production. In recent years, Betech has invested heavily in far-reaching automation and especially digitization of its production environment.

All Northern organizations (employers, education, Fieldlabs and provinces) have joined forces to inspire and support the manufacturing industry through the Smart Industry Hub.

Power of innovation

One of the latest developments is the unlocking of machine data with which the machines can indicate exactly which materials are needed and when. In addition, the machines can communicate with each other without human intervention.

Thanks to the AIVs (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles) – a vehicle that can drive itself – finished products can be transported internally. In the near future, the material can even be delivered to the machines. That is a small example of Smart Industry, which Betech is currently working on. Thanks to all these innovations, Betech is part of the HTSM cluster (HighTech and Systems & Materials).