09 april 2021 Kunststof

Plastics are often used to replace conventional materials in existing constructions. The material is lighter in weight, has excellent mechanical properties, is often cheaper and also very durable.

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04 februar 2021

Royal Metal Union har erklæret Betech for vinderen af Smart Manufacturing Award for det nordlige Holland! Hvert år stiller Royal Metal Union en pris til rådighed for et medlem, der adskiller sig positivt.

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15 december 2020 Metaal

Betech Mass Turning has invested heavily in digitization, automation, but especially in expanding production capacity and possibilities. With the purchase of a total of 6 CNC lathes and 3 robots, the total comes to 65 CNC machines. The production lines are all equipped with automation so 24-hour production is facilitated. In addition, the diameter range of bar- and tube material increases to Ø80 and with robot in- and output even up to Ø120 mm.

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30 september 2020

During the Smart Industry Annual Event 2020 - North Region, Betech was named a leader in the field of intelligent production. In recent years, Betech has invested heavily in far-reaching automation and especially digitization of its production environment.

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07 juli 2020 Kunststof

By investing in an ultra-modern 3D optical measuring machine, Betech Injection Moulding further improved its quality. Both the optimization and validation during the release process as in regular production, this solution offers enormous opportunities.

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